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Barry Lopez

Barry Lopez, essayist, short-story writer and international traveler, is the author of Arctic Dreams, for which he received the National Book Award. Among his other nonfiction books are About This Life, and Of Wolves and Men (a National Book Award finalist). Lopez is considered one of the nation’s premier nature writers. In his nonfiction he often examines the relationship between human culture and physical landscape. He is also the author of several award-winning works of fiction, including Field Notes, Winter Count, and a novella-length fable, Crow and Weasel.

Most recently, Barry Lopez has published a collection of stories, Light Action in the Caribbean. “These are quietly astonishing tales, glistening with precision,” wrote the New York Times. The Washington Post called him a “sweet stylist, finding the right voice for each of his characters and offering lyrical descriptions of natural beauty.”

Once a landscape photographer, Barry Lopez continues to maintain close contact with a diverse community of artists. He is on the advisory board of Theater Grottesco in Santa Fe. He has collaborated with composer John Luther Adams on several concert and theater productions and spoken at openings for sculptor Michael Singer and photographer Robert Adams. In another arena of work, he recently collaborated with E. O. Wilson in the design of a university curriculum that combines the sciences and humanities in a new undergraduate major. Recent trips have taken him to Cuba, France and Antarctica.

Barry Lopez is the recipient of the Literature Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the John Burroughs Medal, Guggenheim, National Science Foundation, and Lannan Fellowships, the John Hay Award for 2001, Pushcart Prizes in fiction and nonfiction, and other honors. His work appears regularly in Harper’s, The Paris Review, Orion, and The Georgia Review. He lives in rural western Oregon.



Desert Notes
Giving Birth to Thunder
Of Wolves and Men
River Notes
Winter Count
Arctic Dreams
Crossing Open Ground
Crow and Weasel
The Rediscovery of North America
Field Notes
Lessons from the Wolverine
About This Life

Light Action in the Caribbean


Readers who want to learn more about Barry Lopez are encouraged to explore some the books that have shaped his writing life:
Moby-Dick, Herman Melville
The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck
Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad
The Burning Plain, Juan Rulfo
Arcadio, William Goyen
The Man Who Killed the Deer, Frank Waters
Portrait of an Artist with Twenty-Six Horses, William Eastlake
Silent Spring, Rachel Carson
The Plains Across, John Unruh
One Hundred Years of Solitude, Gabriel García Márquez
Far Tortuga, Peter Matthiessen
Sound and Sense: An Introduction to Poetry, Laurence Perrine
The poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins and Robinson Jeffers
The novels of Thomas Hardy

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