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Podcast from Eat, Drink & Be Literary:
Dinner and a Reading in BAMcafé

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Recorded on Thursday, January 25, 2007 at 6:30pm
Time: 59 minutes 28 seconds
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What you will hear:
A unique series for sophisticated writers, readers, and eaters, Eat, Drink & Be Literary continues the momentum of the past two sell-out series, bringing major contemporary authors to BAMcafé for intimate dinners, readings, and discussions that are always entertaining and engaging.

There is a brief introduction by Harold Augenbraum, executive director of the National Book Foundation, presenter of the National Book Awards. Pete Hamill then reads from his book Snow in August, followed by an interview with moderator Brigid Hughes. Hamill talks candidly about his life in Brooklyn, and as a newspaperman. He reveals how Mexico influenced his writing and his philosophy on teaching writing. An audience Q&A complete the podcast.


Photo: Brian Hamill
The featured author and moderator:

Pete Hamill

"Tough-minded, brimming with energy and unflinchingly honest."

"I've been writing both fiction and nonfiction since the late 1960s. One personal key to getting the work done is The Nap. I take a nap every day, particularly after writing journalism. This gives me two mornings. Or so I've persuaded myself. And it allows me to leave the hard accuracy of fact and slide into the quite different sensibility demanded by fiction."—PETE HAMILL

Born in Brooklyn in 1935, Pete Hamill has an extensive background in journalism. In addition to his work as a journalist, he has received critical acclaim for his bestselling novels Snow in August and Forever, his memoirs, and his biographies.

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Photo: Tobias Everke

Brigid Hughes, moderator

Brigid Hughes is the founding editor of A Public Space, a journal of literature and culture based in Brooklyn. She worked at The Paris Review for many years, succeeding George Plimpton as editor in 2003; she left the magazine in 2005. The debut issue of A Public Space was published in March 2006.


Books discussed during the event include:

Snow in August Forever A Drinking Life Diego Rivera The Gift
More information about A Public Space can be found on their website at

Eat, Drink & Be Literary is sponsored by Bloomberg.

Pete Hamill 's books are currently available at your local library or for sale through most major retailers, including:

Barnes &

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