2012 National Book Award Finalist,
Young People's Literature

Steve Sheinkin

Bomb: The Race to Build―and Steal―the World’s Most Dangerous Weapon

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Bomb, by Steve Sheinkin Steve Sheinkin


Steve Sheinkin does us all a huge service by spotlighting the terrible planet-consuming threat of the hydrogen bomb, for the generation that must continue to control it. Bomb is a riveting account of the development of the unprecedented weapons that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, changing our world forever. It is brilliantly told, with an astonishing cast of scientists, soldiers, politicians, and traitors, and the breathtaking tension of a first-rate thriller.

About the Book

In December of 1938, a chemist in a German laboratory made a shocking discovery: When placed next to radioactive material, a Uranium atom split in two. That simple discovery launched a scientific race that spanned three continents. In Great Britain and the United States, Soviet spies worked their way into the scientific community; in Norway, a commando force slipped behind enemy lines to attack German heavy-water manufacturing; and deep in the desert, one brilliant group of scientists was hidden away at a remote site at Los Alamos. This is the story of the plotting, risk-taking, deceit, and genius that created the world's most formidable weapon. This is the story of the atomic bomb.

About the Author

A former history textbook writer, Steven Sheinkin is a meticulous researcher who knows well how to grab a young reader's interest and hold it. In The Notorious Benedict Arnold, he introduced young readers to America’s first great traitor. In Bomb, he turns his talents to the biggest spy story of the twentieth century: the race to build the first atomic weapon. He lives in Saratoga Springs, NY.


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