2017 National Book Award Longlist, Young People's Literature

Samantha Mabry

All the Wind in the World, by Samantha Mabry Samantha Mabry
All the Wind in the World
(Algonquin Young Readers / Workman Publishing Company)
ISBN: 9781616206666

National Book Foundation: What did you learn during the process of writing this book?
Samantha Mabry: When I was writing my first novel I learned a lot about a lot. I was still figuring out the basics of writing good sentences and crafting a plot that didn’t drag or snag. I learned about patience and how to gracefully deal with frustration. And while I certainly haven’t mastered all that stuff, I was able to, with All the Wind in the World, focus more on learning as much as I could about the setting. I did research on how to harvest maguey cactus, the history of the Southwest, and I also learned about the behavior of swarms of Africanized bees. 
Foundation: What’s your favorite bookstore or library?
Mabry: My favorite bookstore is in Archer City, Texas. It’s called Booked Up, and was founded by author Larry McMurtry. There used to be something like 450,000 books for sale in four different stores on the main town square, but now there’s just one store. I remember driving from Dallas for what seemed like forever and then landing in this book wonderland. It was amazing.

ABOUT THE BOOK (from the publisher)

Sarah Jac Crow and James Holt have fallen in love working in the endless fields that span a near-future, bone-dry Southwest, a land that’s a little bit magical, deeply dangerous, and bursting with secrets. To protect themselves, they’ve learned to work hard and—above all—keep their love hidden from the people who might use it against them. Then, just when Sarah Jac and James have settled in and begun saving money for the home they dream of near the coast, a horrible accident sends them on the run. With no choice but to start over on a new, possibly cursed ranch, the delicate balance of their lives begins to give way—and they may have to pay a frighteningly high price for their love.

About the Author

Samantha Mabry grew up in Texas and attended college at Southern Methodist University, where she majored in English Literature, minored in Spanish, and studied Latin and Classics. She received a master’s degree in English from Boston College, and now teaches college courses in writing and Latino literature. She is also the author of A Fierce and Subtle Poison, a 2016 Indie Next List Pick, and lives in Dallas with her husband, a historian, and her pets, including a cat named Mouse.


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