National Book Awards Acceptance Speeches

Nancy Farmer, Winner of the 2002 YOUNG PEOPLE'S LITERATURE AWARD
for The House of the Scorpion

I have to tell you, I'm absolutely terrified but thank you so much to the National Book Award. I have to say that I'm really thrilled and I'm also humbled because I met all the other children's writers and they all deserve to win. I just feel like the moon was at the right phase and the planets were lined up. But we could all have won.

I want to thank - well, first of all, I want to thank my husband, who wasn't able to come tonight because he had to work. I'll send him an astral message right now.

I want to thank the wonderful people at Simon & Schuster who worked together in a very happy and supportive team and told me that they would forgive me if I didn't win, which is nice. I will name them: Christina Peters, Virginia Scralia, Brenda Bowen, Michelle Fadlalla, Victoria Stapleton and Deborah Shapiro. They are all the people who helped me. I'm sure I've left out some names but you know I appreciate all of your help.

And then most of all, I want to thank my editor, Richard Jackson, il capo de tutti capi of editors. And now I think I will go back to the table and have a good cry. Thank you.