PLEASE NOTE: The National Book Foundation no longer sponsors National Book Month.

Getting Your School or Library Involved

How is your school or library celebrating National Book Month?

In Your School:

Assign family reading as a homework assignment.
Students can write reports on how a book affected the each member of his or her family.

During morning announcements, remind students and faculty to read.

In-school promotion
Put together a newsletter as an English class project to circulate through your school. Articles can discuss students' favorite books and authors, information on the local library, or how to celebrate National Book Month.

Art projects
Each classroom can decorate a door based on a book, which every student has read. Classroom with the best decorations wins a pizza party.

Reward students for reading.
For every book read, students receive gold star. At the end of semester, students receive a test grade based on the number of books read. For example, a student who read 5 books gets an A, while a student who read 3 books gets a B.

Send letters to authors.
Encourage students to write letters to their favorite authors. They may get a response.

Book Trivia
Instead of a spelling bee, students answer questions about books and authors previously assigned as homework.

Read your students a bedtime story.
Host a special evening in your school gym where students and parents are invited to a school-wide slumber party where students, teachers, and parents all read to each other.

Take a picture.
Take pictures of students reading and post them all over the school.

Book Swap Meets
Students bring books they have already read into school to exchange for new books brought in by other students.

Reading Recess
Devote a block of time every day for students to read to themselves.

Book Drops
Place book drops throughout the school so students can pick up a new book or drop off an old one.

Invite High School students to read to the grammar school students.

In Your Library:

Have a weekly group reading night.
Children can act out scenes from books, recite poetry, or discuss books.

Give out library packages to children at local schools.
Packets can include books, bookmarks, and an application for a library card.