Carnival Evening: New and Selected Poems 1968-1998

Finalist, National Book Awards 1998 for Poetry

Carnival Evening- New and Selected Poems 1968-1998 by linda pastan book cover
ISBN 978-0-393-31927-9
W. W. Norton & Co
photo of Linda Pastan
Linda Pastan

Linda Pastan has twice been a Finalist for the National Book Award. In 1932, Pastan was born to a Jewish family in the Bronx. She graduated from Radcliffe College and received an MA from Brandeis University. More about this author >

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From the publisher:

This volume brings together new work along with poems gathered from nine previous collections. When Linda Pastan’s first book was published in 1971, the Jerusalem Post wrote, she “in large measure fulfilled Emerson’s dream — the revelation of ‘the miraculous in the common.’ ” Since then Pastan has continued to explore the complexities, passion, and dangers under the surfaces of ordinary life. “Some critics point to Emily Dickinson when citing Pastan’s lapidary style and metaphysical wit, a comparison that does justice to either poet when Pastan is at her best.” — Gettysburg Review  “Pastan’s unfailing mastery of her medium holds the darkness firmly in check.” — New York Times Book Review