Each Little Bird That Sings

Finalist, National Book Awards 2005 for Young People's Literature

Each Little Bird That Sings, by Deborah Wiles book cover, 2005
ISBN 9780152056575
Deborah Wiles
Deborah Wiles

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A unique, funny, and vivid cast of characters populates this heartfelt, and quintessentially Southern coming-of-age novel.

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In her ten years, Comfort Snowberger has attended 247 funerals at her family's funeral home in Snapfinger, Mississippi. Comfort knows a thing or two about death, or so she thinks until Great-great-aunt Florentine drops dead in the vegetable patch and relatives gather to bury her. In direct, sometimes hilarious, and often moving prose, Deborah Wiles introduces us to the remarkable and remarkably eccentric Snowberger clan, including Dismay, Funeral Dog Extraordinaire, and takes us on a journey that explores loss, love, and all the messy complications of life.