Fast Animal

Finalist, National Book Awards 2012 for Poetry

Fast Animal, by Tim Seibles
ISBN 9780983294429
Etruscan Press

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The newest collection from one of America’s foremost African-American poets threads the journey from youthful innocence to the whittled-hard awareness of adulthood. Along the way it immerses the reader in palpable moments―the importance of remembering, the burden of race, and the meaning of true wakefulness.

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Tim Seibles’ work is proof: the new American poet can’t just speak one language. In his new book, he fuses our street corners’ quickest wit, our violent vernaculars, and our numerous tongues of longing and love. He records danger. He records the sensual world. And he records a troubled enlightenment, which is a “fast animal” pivoting toward two histories at once.