From Here to Eternity

Winner, National Book Awards 1952 for Fiction

ISBN 9780385333641
Open Road Media | Charles Scribner's Sons

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At the Pearl Harbor army base in 1941, Robert E. Lee Prewitt is Uncle Sam’s finest bugler. A career soldier with no patience for army politics, Prewitt becomes incensed when a commander’s favorite wins the title of First Bugler. His indignation results in a transfer to an infantry unit whose commander is less interested in preparing for war than he is in boxing. But when Prewitt refuses to join the company team, the commander and his sergeant decide to make the bugler’s life hell.

From Here to Eternity was made into an Oscar-winning film starring Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift, Donna Reed, and Frank Sinatra in 1953.

James Jones was also a Fiction Finalist in 1960 for The Pistol.