From the Devotions

Finalist, National Book Awards 1998 for Poetry

From the Devotions by Carl Phillips book cover
ISBN 978-1-55597-263-9
Graywolf Press
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Carl Phillips

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With From the Devotions, Carl Phillips takes us even further into that dangerous space he has already made his own, where body and soul–ever restless–come explosively together. Speaking to a balance between decorum and pain, he offers here a devotional poetry that argues for faith, even without the comforting gods or the organized structures of revealed truth. Neither sage nor saint nor prophet, the poet is the listener, the mourner, the one who has some access to the maddening quarters of human consciousness, the wry Sibyl. From the Devotions is deeply felt, highly intelligent, and unsentimental, and cements Phillips’s reputation as a poet of enormous talent and depth.