Gorgeous Lies

Finalist, National Book Awards 2002 for Fiction

Gorgeous Lies by Martha McPhee book cover 2002
ISBN 9780151006137
Mariner Books | Harcourt
Martha McPhee, author photo, credit: Jerry Bauer
Martha McPhee

Martha McPhee graduated from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine and received her M.F.A. from Columbia University. More about this author >

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Returning to the Furey-Cooper family Martha McPhee introduced in Bright Angel TimeGorgeous Lies opens two decades later. Charismatic therapist Anton Furey is dying, and the tribe he heads–his five children, his wife’s three girls, and their uniting child, Alice–has returned to Chardin, the farm where they grew up and Anton played out his visions of communal living. Chronicled by film crews and reporters, they had been famous for being the new American blended family. But as Anton grows weaker, the hurts, allegiances, and betrayals of those years boil to the surface, and the children find themselves reliving the knotty intimacy they share as they struggle to make their peace with Anton and Anton struggles to make peace with himself.

McPhee has already established herself as an acclaimed new talent; now she fulfills her promise. With shimmering prose and an acutely observant eye, she has created a portrait of an era and a family that explores the limits, and obligations, of love.