Highwire Moon

Finalist, National Book Awards 2001 for Fiction

Highwire Moon, by Susan Straight Book Cover
ISBN 9780618056149
Anchor | Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Susan Straight author photo, 2001
Susan Straight

Susan Straight was born in Riverside and still lives there with her family. She has published seven novels and one middle-grade reader. More about this author >

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The story of a young mother deported and separated from her child, and the pair’s efforts to locate each other years later Highwire Moon narrates the journeys of a young mother and daughter divided. Serafina is a Mexican-Indian scraping by in Southern California; detained by immigration officials, she tragically lacks the English to tell them that Elvia, her three-year-old, is resting in a nearby car. After her deportation, Serafina tries in vain to return to the States, while Elvia must survive several foster homes, later to be reclaimed by her father. By the time Elvia is fifteen, she’s pregnant and surrounded by drugs. She decides to find her mother across the border–at the very same time that Serafina goes in search of herHighwire Moon is gritty and affecting, a family saga that couldn’t be of more relevance today.