Huda F Cares?

Finalist, National Book Awards 2023 for Young People's Literature

ISBN 9780593532805
Dial Books for Young Readers / Penguin Random House
Author photo of Huda Fahmy. (Photo credit: Samreen Gazi)
Huda Fahmy

Huda Fahmy grew up in Dearborn, Michigan and has always loved comics. After teaching English for eight years, she was inspired by her older sister to turn her experiences as a Muslim woman in America into comics. More about this author >

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From the publisher:

In this laugh-out-loud funny sequel to the graphic novel Huda F Are You?, the Fahmys are off to Disney World, but self-conscious Huda worries her family will stand out too much.

Huda and her sisters can’t believe it when her parents announce that they’re actually taking a vacation this summer… to DISNEY WORLD! But it’s not quite as perfect as it seems. First Huda has to survive a 24-hour road trip from Michigan to Florida, with her sisters annoying her all the way. And then she can’t help but notice the people staring at her and her family when they pray in public. Back home in Dearborn she and her family blend right in because there are so many other Muslim families, but not so much in Florida and along the way.

It’s a vacation of forced (but unexpectedly successful?) sisterly bonding, a complicated new friendship, a bit more independence, and some mixed feelings about her family’s public prayers. Huda is proud of her religion and who she is, but she still sure wishes she didn’t care so much what other people thought.

Judges Citation

With wit, honesty, and impeccable hilarity, Huda F Cares? tells a quintessentially American story of a young Muslim woman grappling with the complexities of sisterhood, faith, and friendship while on a road trip to Disney World. Huda Fahmy’s graphic novel tackles serious topics while never taking itself too seriously, beautifully highlighting the power of the identity given to us by our families, and the importance of claiming it for ourselves.


Huda Fahmy at the 2023 National Book Awards Finalist Reading