Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Restless Genius

Finalist, National Book Awards 2005 for Nonfiction

ISBN 9780618872022
Houghton Mifflin

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A masterful biography of Rousseau, which integrates the story of his original writings with the tumultuous life that produced them.

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Witty, pungent, and erudite, Leo Damrosch’s Rousseau renders one of the most canonical figures in Western literary and political thought into a full-bodied human, flawed, glorious, searching, and bold. Weaving a gift for story-telling into the profound learning he plies with a light touch, setting Rousseau alongside eminent friends, such as Diderot, and separating myth from amorous myth-making, Leo Damrosch gives to our times a vital and searing biography of the eighteenth-century founder of autobiography, the author of The Social Contract, and a complicated man whose daring, passionate ideas confound, please, and vex us still.