John Paul Jones

Finalist, National Book Awards 1960 for Nonfiction

John Paul Jones by samuel eliot morison book cover
ISBN 9780760755075
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Samuel Eliot Morison

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Written by the renowned naval historian Samuel Eliot Morison, this Pulitzer prize-winning book is widely recognized as the only authoritative, modern biography of the naval officer frequently referred to as the father of the U.S. Navy. It vividly portrays the illustrious career of John Paul Jones, from his early training at sea in the British West Indian merchant trade to his exploits in the newly independent American navy and his appointment as an admiral in the Russian navy and command of a squadron in the Black Sea. With compelling detail and remarkable insight, the dramatic narrative captures Jones’s tenacity and fierce dedication and loyalty to his men and country, despite ill treatment and only begrudged recognition from his superiors. Jones’s incredible victories at sea form an important part of the book. Morison’s description of the battle between Jones’s Bonhomme Richard and HMS Serapis is considered one of the most vivid accounts of a naval battle in the English language.