Kennedy Justice

Finalist, National Book Awards 1972 for Contemporary Affairs

cover of Kennedy Justice by Victor S Vavasky
ISBN 9781111648763
photo of Victor Saul Navasky
Victor S. Navasky

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Nowhere was the clash between idealism and expediency that characterized the Kennedy brothers more apparent during their years in power than at the crossroads of the American legal system, the Department of Justice. This story of how the moral measure of their leadership was most severely tested – how boldly were imperiled liberties championed; how effectively were overlords of corruption prosecuted; how wisely were judges picked; how well, in short, was justice served – has never been told before. Until this book. Victor Navasky’s intensive investigative research over a period of five years details and sheds light on many heavily shrouded subjects from the Kennedy era. The result is a remarkable case study in the dynamics of the American political system.