Look at Me

Finalist, National Book Awards 2001 for Fiction

Look at Me by Jennifer Egan book cover
ISBN 9780385502764
Anchor | Doubleday
Jennifer Egan author photo, credit Pieter van Hattem
Jennifer Egan

Jennifer Egan is the author of five previous books of fiction: A Visit from the Goon Squad, which won the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award; The Keep; the story collection Emerald CityLook at Me, a National Book Award Finalist; and The Invisible Circus. Her work has appeared in The New YorkerHarper's MagazineGrantaMcSweeney's, and The New York Times Magazine. More about this author >

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In a satiric send-up of image culture in America, Look at Me follows the lives of two women named Charlotte: one, a stunning fashion model disfigured in an accident, and the other, the plain-looking adolescent daughter of an estranged friend from her youth.