Many Stones

Finalist, National Book Awards 2000 for Young People's Literature

Carolyn Coman – Many Stones book cover
ISBN 9781886910553
Front Street, Incorporated
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Carolyn Coman

Carolyn Coman is a writer of children's books living in South Hampton, New Hampshire. Her books What Jamie Saw (1995) and Many Stones (2000) were nominated for several awards. More about this author >

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Berry Morgan’s father hasn’t been around much since the divorce, until the day he shows up at school to tell her that her sister Laura was brutally murdered.

In this intense and compelling story, a father and daughter confront each other and their own wounds in a land pulsing with loss. Berry and her father’s painful journey forces them to look beyond their own grieving and bear witness to a country’s tortured search for peace and reconciliation.