Pictures from an Institution

Finalist, National Book Awards 1955 for Fiction

1995_Pictures from an Institution by Randall Jarrell book cover
ISBN 9780226393759
University of Chicago Press | Alfred A. Knopf
1955_Randall Jarrell author photo
Randall Jarrell

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Beneath the unassuming surface of a progressive women’s college lurks a world of intellectual pride and pomposity awaiting devastation by the pens of two brilliant and appalling wits. Randall Jarrell’s classic novel was originally published to overwhelming critical acclaim in 1954, forging a new standard for campus satire—and instantly yielding comparisons to Dorothy Parker’s razor-sharp barbs. Like his fictional nemesis, Jarrell cuts through the earnest conversations at Benton College—mischievously, but with mischief nowhere more wicked than when crusading against the vitriolic heroine herself.