Poems Seven: New and Complete Poetry

Winner, National Book Awards 2001 for Poetry

Poems Seven, by Alan Dugan book cover
ISBN 9781583222652
Seven Stories Press
Alan Dugan author photo
Alan Dugan

Alan Dugan first won the National Book Award in Poetry in 1962 for PoemsPoems Seven was Dugan’s last published book of poetry before his death in 2003. Alan Dugan (1923-2003) was born in Queens, NY. More about this author >

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Poems Seven: New and Complete Poetry, the Winner of the National Book Award, presents the life work of a giant of American letters, tracks a forty-year career of honest, tough artistry, and shows a man at nearly 80 years of age and still at the height of his poetic power. Dugan’s new poems continue his career-long concerns with renewed vigor: the poet’s insistence that art is a grounded practice threatened by pretension, the wry wit, the jibes at the academic and sententious, and the arresting observations on the quotidian battles of life. All the while he peppers his poems with humorous images of the grim and daunting topics of existential emptiness.