Praying for Sheetrock

Finalist, National Book Awards 1991 for Nonfiction

Praying for Sheetrock by Melissa Fay Greene book cover
ISBN 978-0306815171
Da Capo Press
Melissa Fay Greene author photo
Melissa Fay Greene

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Finalist for the 1991 National Book Award and a New York Times Notable book, Praying for Sheetrock is the story of McIntosh County, a small, isolated, and lovely place on the flowery coast of Georgia–and a county where, in the 1970s, the white sheriff still wielded all the power, controlling everything and everybody. Somehow the sweeping changes of the civil rights movement managed to bypass McIntosh entirely. It took one uneducated, unemployed black man, Thurnell Alston, to challenge the sheriff and his courthouse gang–and to change the way of life in this community forever. “An inspiring and absorbing account of the struggle for human dignity and racial equality” (Coretta Scott King)