Reunion and Reaction

Finalist, National Book Awards 1952 for Nonfiction

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ISBN 9780195064230
Oxford University Press | Little, Brown
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C. Vann Woodward

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Between the era of America’s landmark antebellum compromises and that of the Compromise of 1877, a war had intervened, destroying the integrity of the Southern system but failing to determine the New South’s relation to the Union. While it did not restore the old order in the South, or restore the South to parity with the Union, it did lay down the political foundations for reunion, bring Reconstruction to an end, and shape the future of four million freedmen.

Originally published in 1951, this classic work by one of America’s foremost experts on Southern history presents an important new interpretation of the Compromise, forcing historians to revise previous attitudes towards the Reconstruction period, the history of the Republican party, and the realignment of forces that fought the Civil War. Because much of the negotiating occurred in secrecy, historians have known less about this Compromise than others before it. [Oxford University Press]