Shoah Train

Finalist, National Book Awards 2004 for Poetry

Shoah Train book cover, by William Heyen
ISBN 9780971822870
Etruscan Press
William Heyen author photo
William Heyen

William Heyen was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1940. He is Professor of English/Poet in Residence Emeritus at SUNY Brockport, his undergraduate alma mater. His MA and Ph.D. degrees are from Ohio University. More about this author >

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Over the decades, William Heyen has most often dreamed of, studied, and written about the Holocaust. Now, Shoah Train collects more than seventy poems written over the last dozen years, lyrics of “discipline and honesty and courage and restraint,” as Archibald MacLeish described The Swastika Poems. Shoah Train was a National Book Award finalist for poetry in 2004.