Sons of Liberty

Finalist, National Book Awards 1997 for Young People's Literature

Sons of Liberty by Adele Griffin book cover
ISBN 9780786803514
Open Road Media | Hyperion
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Adele Griffin

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It’s two a.m., it’s snowing, and the Kindle boys are working on the roof. This is just another in a long string of interrupted nights—early morning wake-up calls that their father uses to teach endurance, discipline, and a respect for authority. He is a tough man, unforgiving and quick to anger, and the boys express their fear of him in different ways. Cliff is rebellious, while Rock escapes into Revolutionary War history, and struggles to understand where his loyalties lie.
When the boys’ friend Liza decides to run away from her abusive stepfather, Rock and Cliff help her escape. As life in the Kindle house becomes unbearable, Rock wonders if he should run away as well. But would leaving be an act of treason?