Star Dust: Poems

Finalist, National Book Awards 2005 for Poetry

Star Dust by Frank Bidart book cover
ISBN 9780374530334
Farrar, Straus & Giroux
Frank Bidart author photo, credit: James Franco
Frank Bidart

Frank Bidart is the author of Metaphysical DogWatching the Spring FestivalStar DustDesire, and In the Western Night: Collected Poems 1965-90. He has won many prizes, including the Wallace Stevens Award, the 2007 Bollingen Prize for American Poetry, and the National Book Critics Circle Award. More about this author >

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Star Dust shows that the forms of his originality continue to deepen and change as he constantly renews his contract with the idea of truth.

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Star Dust conveys us into the art and hell of creative imagination, for the artist’s task, Frank Bidart tells us, is to fashion “out of the corruptible/body a new body good to eat a thousand years.” Art and hell are both subject and method. The poems are fearlessly elegant and dark – violence, longing, woe, will, and sweetness their province. They tell us our secrets, and they could not be more brilliantly made.