The Big Change

Finalist, National Book Awards 1953 for Nonfiction

cover of the big change by frederick lewis allen
ISBN 9788992151214
eStar Books | Harper & Row
Photo of author Frederick L. Allen
Frederick L. Allen

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Allen was one of the first to start a model of what is sometimes called instant history, the reconstruction of past eras through vivid commentary on the news, fashions, customs, and artifacts that altered the pace and forms of American life. The Big Change was Allen’s last and possibly most ambitious book. The Big Change attempted to chart and explain progressive evolution of American life from 1900 to 1950! It was written at a time of unprecedented optimism and prosperity. The Big Change illustrates a transformative moment in American history and provides an implicit and illuminating perspective 1900 to 1950 from the perspective of someone at that moment in history. [eStar Books]