The Discovery of Our Galaxy

Finalist, National Book Awards 1972 for The Sciences

The Discovery of Our Galaxy by Charles A. Whitney, book cover, 1972
ISBN 9780307817099
Knopf |
Charles A. Whitney
Charles A. Whitney

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This is a book about the mystery and the passion, the imagination, religion, and poetry, the philosophy, the intellectual flights—and, above all, the people—that have created the science of astronomy, from Thales of Miletus predicting eclipses in the sixth century B.C. to today’s scientists probing the cosmic significance of the mysterious “black holes” discovered in 1970.  With authority and charm, the distinguished Harvard astronomer Charles A. Whitney here re-creates the lives and temperaments of the great astronomers and retraces the ingenious arguments, the feats of observation and deduction, and the leaps of intuition by which they have gradually unveiled a picture of the universe and have brought us to an understanding of our own planet’s place in it.