The Facts Speak for Themselves

Finalist, National Book Awards 1997 for Young People's Literature

The Facts Speak for Themselves by Brock Cole book cover
ISBN 9781886910140
Namelos | Front Street

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”The subject is a white female, age thirteen. Her score on the standard Stanford-Binet puts her in the low-average quarter of her age group. She appears to be in good physical health. She is small for her age, but sturdily built. She reports that her first onset of menses occurred seven months ago. Her periods are scanty and irregular. A long history of sexual abuse …”

Offended by her social worker’s report, above, Linda decides to tell her own version of her life and circumstances. The Facts Speak for Themselves is Linda’s story, an uncompromising look at a sexually-active adolescent adrift in a world where she is more responsible than the adults around her.

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