The Field of Vision

Winner, National Book Awards 1957 for Fiction

cover of The Field of Vision by Wright Morris
ISBN 9780803257894
University of Nebraska Press | Harcourt, Brace and Company
1961_Wright Morris credit Wright Morris author photo
Wright Morris

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Winner of the National Book Award “Wright Morris seems to me the most important novelist of the American middle generation. Through a large body of work –which, unaccountably, has yet to receive the wide attention it deserves–Mr. Morris has adhered to standards which we have come to identify as those of the most serious literary art. His novel The Field of Vision brilliantly climaxes his most richly creative period. It is a work of permanent significance and relevance to those who cannot be content with less than a full effort to cope with the symbolic possibilities of the human condition at the present time.”–John W. Aldridge One of America’s most distinguished authors, Wright Morris (1910-1988) wrote thirty-three books.