The Hidden Persuaders

Finalist, National Book Awards 1958 for Nonfiction

cover of The Hidden Persauders by Vance Packard
ISBN 9780978843106
Longmans, Green and Company
Vance Packard author photo
Vance Packard

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From the publisher:

A classic examination of how our thoughts and feelings are manipulated by business, media and politicians, The Hidden Persuaders was the first book to expose the hidden world of “motivation research,” the psychological technique that advertisers use to probe our minds in order to control our actions as consumers. Through analysis of products, political campaigns and television programs of the 1950s, Packard shows how the insidious manipulation practices that have come to dominate today’s corporate-driven world began. Featuring an introduction by Mark Crispin Miller, The Hidden Persuaders has sold over one million copies, and forever changed the way we look at the world of advertising.