The March

Finalist, National Book Awards 2005 for Fiction

The March by E.L. Doctorow book cover, 2005
ISBN 9780812976151
Random House
photo of E.L. Doctorow
E. L. Doctorow

E. L. Doctorow’s works of fiction include Welcome to Hard Times, The Book of Daniel, Ragtime, Loon Lake, World’s Fair, Billy Bathgate, The Waterworks, City of God, The March, Homer & Langley, and Andrew’s Brain. Among his honors are the National Book Award, three National Book Critics Circle awards, two PEN/Faulkner awards, and the presidentially conferred National Humanities Medal. More about this author >

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A powerful exploration of Sherman’s “March to the Sea” during the American Civil War, told through the lives and sensibilities of the men and women who took part.

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With taut, incendiary prose, E.L. Doctorow sweeps us up into the sixty-thousand troop force that was General Sherman’s march through Georgia and the Carolinas. Epic in scope, unsparing yet tender, The March captures the brutal truth that war is fought and suffered by individual men, women, and children. This is an important American novel which lays bare not only Sherman’s momentous trek through the south, but the trek into our own dusty and blood-filled past, the smoke of gun barrels and burned homes rising through the trees where the hope for peace and redemption endures.