The Night Swimmers

Winner, National Book Awards 1981 for Children's Books - Fiction, Hardcover

cover of The Night Swimmers by Betsy Byars
ISBN 9780440062615
Delacorte Press
photo of Betsy Byars
Betsy Byars

Betsy Byars was an American author of children's books. She wrote over sixty books for young people. Her first novel was published in 1962. More about this author >

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After their mother passes away, Retta, Johnny, and Roy don’t have much parenting in their lives. Their dad is a country singer who keeps them well fed but isn’t around much. Older sister Retta takes control, leading her brothers on all sorts of unwise adventures and promising that one day they’ll have money, safety, and a nice home. When their dad is away performing at night, they slip into a neighbor’s pool to swim and pretend to have a glamorous life beneath the light of the moon. But freedom doesn’t mean happiness, especially when a new crisis emerges. National Book Award winner The Night Swimmers is a moving story of siblings who can count on nobody but one another.