The Other Lover

Finalist, National Book Awards 2000 for Poetry

The Other Lover by Bruce Smith
ISBN 9780226764085
University Of Chicago Press
Bruce Smith author photo
Bruce Smith

Bruce Smith is the author of five previous volumes of poetry, including The Other Lover(2000), which was a Finalist for both the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize. A “Discovery”/The Nation Award winner, Smith has received a Guggenheim Fellowship as well as grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Massachusetts Foundation for the Arts. More about this author >

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The Other Lover is a collection of bittersweet American love poems. Writing with jazz-like verbal panache, Bruce Smith reaches for the paradoxical pulls between sweetness and bitterness. With carefully crafted rhyming stanzas and unpredictable free verse rhythms, these poems bristle and pop like the riffs of a virtuoso horn player. The book is a personal, passionate, disturbing collection that places the reader both inside and outside of the poet’s life. Deftly filtering personal experiences through improvisatory structures and a wide range of idioms, Smith communicates the want, the lack, the desire for what is missing, the sweetness of absence and pain. The pleasure of The Other Lover is in the imagination’s dance in the erotic spaces between the poet and the reader.