The Pilot Star Elegies

Finalist, National Book Awards 1999 for Poetry

The Pilot Star Elegies by sherod santos
ISBN 9780393320497
W. W. Norton & Co
Sherod Santos author photo, credit: Lynne McMahon
Sherod Santos

Sherod Santos is the author of seven books of poetry. A National Book Award Finalist, he received an Award in Literature from the Academy of Arts and Letters. He lives in Chicago, where he works in an outreach program for the homeless. More about this author >

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The centerpiece of this collection, “Elegy for My Sister,” is a sequence of poems on the suicide of the poet’s sister in which he gathers, piece by piece, the scattered fragments of his sister’s life. In other poems, Santos follows this elegiac theme into the broader contexts of myth and contemporary history to explore the ways each private loss is overlaid by those harrowing conditions by which our century defines itself.