The Temple Bombing

Finalist, National Book Awards 1996 for Nonfiction

The Temple Bombing by Melissa fay greene book cover
ISBN 9780201622065
Da Capo Press | Perseus Books
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Melissa Fay Greene

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At 3:37 in the morning of Sunday, October 12, 1958, a bundle of dynamite blew out the side wall of the Temple, Atlanta’s oldest and richest synagogue. The devastation to the building was vast-but even greater were the changes those 50 sticks of dynamite made to Atlanta, the South, and ultimately, all of the United States (Detroit Free Press). Finalist for the National Book Award, The Temple Bombing is the brilliant and moving examination of one town that came together in the face of hatred, a book that rescues a slice of the civil rights era whose lessons still resonate nearly fifty years after that fateful fall day.