The Voice at 3:00 A.M.: Selected Late and New Poems

Finalist, National Book Awards 2003 for Poetry

The Voice at 3:00 A.M. by Charles Simic book cover
ISBN 9780156030731
Harcourt Inc.
Charles Simic author photo
Charles Simic

A poet, essayist, and translator, Charles Simic has been honored with the Frost Medal, the Wallace Stevens Award, a Pulitzer Prize, two PEN Awards for his work as a translator, and a MacArthur Fellowship. More about this author >

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This anthology presents selections from Charles Simic’s last eight books alongside 19 new poems. The quatrains with which Mr. Simic are most associated are coupled with free verse to relate profound contrasts realized through striking poetic imagery. Weighty, metaphysical concerns are addressed with sardonic wit and clear-mindedness. Compiled without section breaks, the collection presents the full scope of the poet’s arc, with work spanning two decades.