The Years with Ross

Finalist, National Book Awards 1960 for Nonfiction

The Years with Ross by James Thurber book cover
ISBN 9780060959715
Harper Perennial Modern Classics | Little, Brown
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James Thurber

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From the publisher:

At the helm of America’s most influential literary magazine for more than half a century, Harold Ross introduced the country to a host of exciting talent, including Robert Benchley, Alexander Woolcott, Ogden Nash, Peter Arno, Charles Addams, and Dorothy Parker.  But no one could have written about this irascible, eccentric genius more affectionately or more critically than James Thurber — an American icon in his own right — whose portrait of Ross captures not only a complex literary giant but a historic friendship and a glorious era as well.  “If you get Ross down on paper,” warned Wolcott Gibbs to Thurber, “nobody will ever believe it.”  But readers of this unforgettable memoir will find that they do.