This Republic of Suffering: Death and the American Civil War

Finalist, National Book Awards 2008 for Nonfiction

This Republic of Suffering book cover, by Drew Gilpin Faust
ISBN 9780375404047
Alfred A. Knopf
Drew Gilpin Faust

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An illuminating study of the American struggle to comprehend the meaning and practicalities of death in the face of the unprecedented carnage of the Civil War.

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More soldiers lost their lives in the American Civil War than in all American conflicts combined from the Revolution to the Korean War. Drew Gilpin Faust's highly original, deeply moving account explains the impact of this tremendous loss on American culture. Attending to politics, poetry and rituals of burial, remembrance and mourning, Faust reveals the way that the Civil War Dead came to represent both the ongoing hostility between the North and the South as well as the vehicle through which a new national unity could be imagined.