Finalist, National Book Awards 2014 for Young People's Literature

ISBN 9780545551434
Scholastic Press
Eliot Schrefer
Eliot Schrefer

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Into the jungle. Into the wild. Into harm’s way.

When he was a boy, Luc’s mother would warn him about the “mock men” living in the trees by their home — chimpanzees whose cries would fill the night.

Luc is older now, his mother gone. He lives in a house of mistreated orphans, barely getting by. Then a man calling himself Prof comes to town with a mysterious mission. When Luc tries to rob him, the man isn’t mad. Instead, he offers Luc a job.

Together, Luc and Prof head into the rough, dangerous jungle in order to study the elusive chimpanzees. There, Luc finally finds a new family — and must act when that family comes under attack.

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Eliot Schrefer’s Threatened eloquently unites endangered chimpanzees with an equally endangered boy. When AIDS orphan Luc is hired by a professor of dubious credentials, he trades street life for the jungles of Gabon. There among the chimps, he discovers danger, self- sufficiency, and an unlikely family. This is more than a tale of animal conservation. Emotionally told with lush descriptions and insight into chimp and human behavior, Threatened illuminates our common struggle to survive.​