Finalist, National Book Awards 2005 for Fiction

Trance by Christopher Sorrentino book cover, 2005
ISBN 9780312425319
Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Christopher Sorrentino author photo, 2005
Christopher Sorrentino

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Based on the 1974 kidnapping of Patty Hearst, a vivid re-imagining of the consciousness of the perpetrators, the victims, and the law enforcement agents who pursued the case.

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Trance is a fever dream in which magical thinking masquerades as privileged knowledge, hateful indifference as motherly love, and a presidency effortlessly collapsed into the blackest of comedy routines. Within Sorrentino's crazed Looking Glass, a sentimental Alice loses her head to exquisitely dysfunctional visionaries. Blinded and entranced, she—like the oblivious proletariat who are targeted for liberation—is the first to suffer collateral damage. The humor, irrepressible, is devastating, the voices pitch-perfect, the novel's moral focus admirably sustained. A luminous cautionary tale.