Walking the Black Cat

Finalist, National Book Awards 1996 for Poetry

Walking the Black Cat by charles simic book cover
ISBN 978-0151002191
Mariner Books | Houghton Mifflin
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Charles Simic

A poet, essayist, and translator, Charles Simic has been honored with the Frost Medal, the Wallace Stevens Award, a Pulitzer Prize, two PEN Awards for his work as a translator, and a MacArthur Fellowship. More about this author >

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Hamlet’s ghost wandering the halls of a Vegas motel, a street corner ventriloquist using passersby as dummies, and Jesus panhandling in a weed-infested Eden are just a few of the startling conceits Simic unleashes in this collection. “Few contemporary poets have been as influential-or inimitable-as Charles Simic” (New York Times Book Review)