What Jamie Saw

Finalist, National Book Awards 1996 for Young People's Literature

What Jamie Saw by Carolyn Corman book cover
ISBN 9781886910027
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Carolyn Coman

Carolyn Coman is a writer of children's books living in South Hampton, New Hampshire. Her books What Jamie Saw (1995) and Many Stones (2000) were nominated for several awards. More about this author >

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Jamie’s mother is there to catch the baby —this time. She does what she must to keep her family out of harm’s way, but still the shock waves of Van’s act reverberate through their lives. What Jamie Saw is a moving, visceral dramatization of violence in the home, told not from the point of view of a victim, but as witnessed by a nine-year-old boy. The impact of observed violence perpetrated against loved ones is profound and destructive, and altogether too common. Drawing on his mother’s desperate strength, his own determination, and help from an unexpected friend, Jamie confronts his fear and anxiety — learning, adapting, and triumphing.