The House of Five Talents

Here is the gilt-framed portrait of a family through 5 generations of love, ambition and success… Julius Millinder, schooled in the golden age of robber barons. Cyrus Millinder, who had everything money could buy–including a mistress. Augusta Millinder, whose impressive bank balance would never become a joint-checking account. Cousin Collier Millinder, who had every conceivable luxury, but not enough money to cover the sins of his past.

The Waters of Kronos

When John Donner returns to the East Coast after spending some time out west, he finds his home town submerged under the dark waters of a new lake—created in the construction of a nearby hydroelectric dam. Although the public is banned from the area, Donner manages to talk his way in—and remembers the life he led there long ago.

A haunting and lyrical story, this book deals with themes of family history, memory, reconciliation, and art’s role in creating community. The Waters of Kronos tells a story parallel to the life of its author—and it is believed in certain circles to be autobiographical.

Charles Sumner and the Rights of Man

In this brilliant biography—a Pulitzer Prize—winning national bestseller—David Herbert Donald, Harvard professor emeritus, traces Sumner’s life as the nation careens toward civil war. In a period when senators often exercised more influence than presidents, Senator Charles Sumner was one of the most powerful forces in the American government and remains one of the most controversial figures in American history. His uncompromising moral standards made him a lightning rod in an era fraught with conflict.

Sumner’s fight to end slavery made him a hero in the North and stirred outrage in the South. In what has been called the first blow of the Civil War, he was physically attacked by a colleague on the Senate floor. Unwavering and arrogant, Sumner refused to abandon the moral high ground, even if doing so meant the onslaught of the nation’s most destructive war. He used his office and influence to transform the United States during the most contentious and violent period in the nation’s history.

Charles Sumner and the Coming of the Civil War presents a remarkably different view of our bloodiest war through an insightful reevaluation of the man who stood at its center.