Germaine Greer reading and discussion with Katha Pollitt, Eat, Drink & Be Literary at BAMcafe

April 2018

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Presented by the National Book Foundation and BAM

Germaine Greer reads from her latest book Shakespeare’s Wife and discusses her feminist views, followed by a Q&A session with moderator Katha Pollitt and the audience.

Australian-born writer, broadcaster, and academic, German Greer is widely regarded as one of the most significant feminist voices of our time. Greer’s ideas have created controversy ever since The Female Eunuch became an international bestseller in 1970, turning her into a household name overnight and bringing her both adulation and criticism. Her most recent book Shakespeare’s Wife is a bold new take on the usual portrait of Ann Hathaway and her marriage to Shakespeare.

Greer received her PhD from the University of Cambridge in 1967 with a thesis on Shakespeare’s early comedies, and she has taught at universities in Australia, Britain, and the United States. In 1986 she was invited to contribute to Oxford University Press’s prestigious Past Masters volume on Shakespeare. In 1989 she set up her own publishing imprint, Stump Cross Books, and went on to publish scholarly editions of Katherine Philips and Anne Wharton. She is currently completing an online edition of the complete works of Anne Finch, Countess of Winchelsea. She lives in Northwest Essex with two dogs, thirteen geese, and a fluctuating number of doves.