Entry Confirmed

Thank you for submitting to the 2024 National Book Awards!

You have completed the first part of the submissions process. Your application is currently being reviewed by the Foundation’s staff, who will contact the person listed on the form if there are any questions. Shortly, you will be receiving an email with details about the next steps in the process. This email will include information about sending physical copies of submitted titles, digital copies of submitted titles, and a calendar of Awards related deadlines.

If you need to edit your form at any time, you can access your account by visiting the form login page: login.nbaentry.org

IMPORTANT: Once you have entered payment information, you will not be able to add new titles to your existing entry form. To submit additional titles for consideration after payment has been processed, you will need to fill out a new entry form.

To make changes to the information provided on your entry form after payment has been processed, please email Madeleine Shelton at mshelton@nationalbook.org. For technical questions, please email Meredith Andrews at mandrews@nationalbook.org.