James Jones

Finalist, 1960 National Book Awards
Winner, 1952 National Book Awards

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The Pistol

The Pistol book cover
ISBN 9780226391861 Open Road Media / Scribner

Richard Mast is a misfit in the infantry unit at Pearl Harbor. A bright mind in a sea of grunts, his only joy on the morning of December 7, 1941, is that today he has guard duty, which means he gets to carry a pistol. Usually reserved only for officers, the close-quarters weapon is coveted by every man in the infantry for its beauty and the sense of strength it gives the wearer. Mast intends to return the gun at the end of his shift—until the Japanese Navy intervenes. More about this book >

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From Here to Eternity

ISBN 9780385333641 Open Road Media / Charles Scribner's Sons

At the Pearl Harbor army base in 1941, Robert E. Lee Prewitt is Uncle Sam’s finest bugler. A career soldier with no patience for army politics, Prewitt becomes incensed when a commander’s favorite wins the title of First Bugler. More about this book >

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James Jones

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