John Hersey

Finalist, National Book Awards 1961
Finalist, 1960 National Book Awards
Finalist, 1957 National Book Awards

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The Child Buyer

The Child Buyer by John Hersey book cover
ISBN 978-0553209372 Bantam Books / Knopf
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The War Lover

The War Lover cover
ISBN 9780394450988 Random House

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A Single Pebble

cover of A Single Pebble by John Hersey
ISBN 9780394756974 Alfred A. Knopf

A young American engineer sent to China to inspect the unruly Yangtze River travels up through the river's gorges searching for dam sites. Pulled on a junk hauled by forty-odd trackers, he is carried, too, into the settled, ancient way of life of the people of the Yangtze -- until the interplay of his life with theirs comes to a dramatic climax. More about this book >

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John Hersey

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