Judith Thurman

Finalist, 1999 National Book Awards
Winner, National Book Awards 1983

Judith Thurman lives in New York City.
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Secrets of the Flesh: A Life of Colette

Secrets of the Flesh- A Life of Colette by judith thurman book cover
ISBN 9780345371034 Ballantine Books / Alfred A. Knopf

A scandalously talented stage performer, a practiced seductress of both men and women, and the flamboyant author of some of the greatest works of twentieth-century literature, Colette was our first true superstar. Now, in Judith Thurman’s Secrets of the Flesh, Colette at last has a biography worthy of her dazzling reputation. More about this book >

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Judith Thurman

Judith Thurman lives in New York City.

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