Vance Packard

Finalist, 1960 National Book Awards
Finalist, 1958 National Book Awards

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The Status Seekers

The Status Seekers by vance packard book cover
ISBN 9780140205442 Penguin / McKay Co

An explosive exploration of class behavior in America and the hidden barriers that affect you, your community, and your future More about this book >

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The Hidden Persuaders

cover of The Hidden Persauders by Vance Packard
ISBN 9780978843106 Longmans, Green and Company

A classic examination of how our thoughts and feelings are manipulated by business, media and politicians, The Hidden Persuaders was the first book to expose the hidden world of "motivation research," the psychological technique that advertisers use to probe our minds in order to control our actions as consumers. More about this book >

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Vance Packard

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